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8 inch custom Mario Kart cuff

8 inch custom Mario Kart cuff

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CUSTOMIZABLE mario kart rainbow road cuff! choose your character, background, and if you want it to light up or not. Cuff is 12 X's wide and 5 X's tall. After placing your order, I will reach out for your character options (pictured) because there isn't a note for you to leave which character you want. Please measure your wrist, I am not responsible for your purchase if the cuff does not fit. About 8 inches in circumference (around the arm). You can have a solid color or a themed background for your base. extended shipping & process so that i can create the cuff. includes extra kandi & surprises. thank you for spreading plurr! ALSO! if you choose rainbow for your X base, each row will be a different color 😊 feel free to ask any questions regarding characters & whatnot! if you have a specific / certain character in mind, reach out to me & we can work something out 🍀 *Freebies sent for every $15 spent :)

* Freebies may include singles with profanity, substance-related, or can be kid friendly. Let me know which you prefer!

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